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My Favorite MAC Lipsticks

Mac Lipsticks - Millennielle

wearing: Velvet Teddy | Viva Glam III | Flat Out Fabulous | Ruby Woo
also wearing: Stila eyeliner | Topshop necklace | H&M top

Hello February!! With Valentines’ Day around the corner, you might already be planning what you’ll be wearing to pucker up for the perfect moment, so I thought I’d share my favorite lipsticks with you guys today for a little color inspiration…

Velvet Teddy - Mac Lipstick

NUDE — Velvet Teddy is my “it-goes-with-everything” shade. I’ll be honest though, the first time I tried it on a couple years ago after reading people rave about it online, I was TOTALLY turned off by how washed out it looked on me… until I discovered the magic of a good lip pencil. If you find this shade too light for you, try it with MAC’s “Whirl” lipliner, and you’ll see a world of difference!

Viva Glam III - MAC Lipstick

BROWN — This is the most recent addition to my lipstick collection, and what I wear to work on most days. It’s a bit of an odd color, falling somewhere between a brown and a deep berry color depending on what you wear it with  — but I find it to be the perfect color for office-appropriate everyday wear, it’s a beautiful lip color that’s still not too flashy.

 Flat Out Fabulous - MAC Lipstick

HOT PINK — The color is called “Flat Out Fabulous” and that’s exactly what it is… this one’s currently my favorite weekend color, especially on a girls’ night out. I especially love wearing it with all-black outfits, so I’m kinda glad you guys can see how well it works with black in these pictures. Seriously though, how fun is it? The color just puts me in a dancing mood!

 Ruby Woo - MAC Lipstick

RED — Do I really need to say anything more about Ruby Woo that you haven’t heard before? It’s the perfect shade of red, and if you’re as familiar with MAC’s lipstick line as I am, you can probably spot a Ruby Woo lip from a mile away.

So there you have it! Which color is your favorite?

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Chambray & Silk





IMG_0285Club Monaco skirt | EXPRESS shirt | Superga sneakers

First outfit post of 2015, and we’re starting things out just as easy as I like it. Don’t wanna jinx anything just yet, but it looks like winter’s already edging towards an end down here! I’m bringing out the lighter layers, and keeping my fingers crossed for smooth sailing from here on out. Hope you have a great start to your week!

Shop the look below:

shot by Udee B.


 #berlinclique | #istanbul
 chasing the sun | #ATL
 sunday mornings are for yoga, champagne & shopping with @freepeople☀️
 weekend things✌️



Luggage Tag & Passport Cover | Fashion Book Set | Nike ‘Roshe’ Sneakers | Laptop Skin

Even though we’re well into the first month of the year, I believe it’s never too late to set goals for myself. I know that January is such a cliché time of the year to start everything afresh, but now’s as good a time as any! Here are some of the goals I’m setting for myself in 2015:

  • Travel More: It’s not like I’m averse to getting on a plane… traveling has always been a major part of my life, and having settled down in the USA for what’s coming up on my 9th (!!) year straight is actually a little bit outside of what’s always been “normal” to me. I’m often visiting friends and family in Chicago, LA and New England, but when I say I hope to travel more this year, I mean it in terms of exploring NEW places. I think I started out the year pretty well, and I’m looking forward to seeing where things head next!
  • Stay Fit: Ugh, I know – this is probably on everyone’s list, so it’s nothing new… but I’m hoping to approach things differently this time around. I think keeping up a good fitness regimen becomes easier when you can make it a little bit more fun, so I’m experimenting with new ways to do this, in the hopes of actually getting excited about my next workout instead of feeling like I’m dragging myself out of bed. I definitely have it on my radar to share more on this with you guys down the road, but in the meantime, if you have any fun fitness tips you’d like to share – leave a comment below!
  • Blog More: When I started my blog, my goal was always to grow my content beyond the overwrought and boring “look at me, standing here, wearing this“. I chose “Millennielle” for the name of my site because I’ve always wanted to create content that depicts the FULL experience of being a millennial girl in the world, beyond the basic “what to wear” concept. I’m challenging myself this year to step a little bit out of the comfort zone of personal style blogging, to make things a LITTLE more personal (without becoming an annoying oversharer), so let’s see how it goes!
  • Read More: If I tell you the last time I picked up a book and read it end-to-end, you’d probably be embarrassed for me… I know this because I’m embarrassed for myself. So here’s to a year of a little less social media and Netflix, and a little more old-fashion book reading!

What are some goals you’ve set for yourself in 2015, and what are you planning to do to achieve them?


 #berlinclique | #istanbul
 chasing the sun | #ATL
 sunday mornings are for yoga, champagne & shopping with @freepeople☀️
 weekend things✌️

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