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Alexander Wang sweater (similar) | ZARA skirt & boots | Rue Gembon jewelry

Like a lot of people, I was super excited about the Alexander Wang x H&M collection when it was first announced at Coachella earlier this year. Unlike a lot of people, however, I have to admit that the full collection – while innovative and interesting in it’s own right – just didn’t really strike my fancy. Or maybe it’s just me still being bitter about missing out on last year’s Isabel Marant collection… I still “window shop” around for it online whenever I’m bored – it was THAT good!

So what’s a girl to do when she needs an A. Wang fix that’s still within budget? Enter eBay. I scored this sweater, new with tags, for WAY under $100 (it was originally $400), and now I can safely say that when November 6th rolls around, I’ll be happily spending my morning in the warmth of my bed instead of standing in line outside H&M. Score!

What are your thoughts on the Alexander Wang x H&M collection?

Shot by Udee B.


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c/o Anjolee Jewelers ring | c/o MyMonogramNecklace bracelet

Usually when it comes to jewelry, I have two requirements for what it’s gotta be: minimal and gold. So, here I am venturing a little bit out of the box with a couple of silver pieces… and so far, I’m really liking ‘em! I know that for some people, gold jewelry can be a little too gaudy, and while I don’t necessarily agree, I can definitely see the appeal of understated silver – it’s less flashy and it lends itself to every day wear with its cooler street vibe. An added bonus for all my non-single ladies: silver accessories easily match classic, every day pieces like wedding and engagement rings (Unless of course you’re Carrie Bradshaw circa Aiden’s first big mistake).

The best part about both of my new silver pieces? They were 100% customized by me! So even as I dared to venture beyond my usual style, I’ve still managed to keep a bit of “me” in each piece :) Read on for details!

This ring from Anjolee is a customized piece I designed, featuring diamond and topaz stones. I know topaz is a November birthstone and I’m a March baby, but I chose it because it’s my mother’s birthstone, and it’s one of my many ways of incorporating mementos of my family into my daily life as a constant reminder of the most important things to me :)
Anjolee offers a wide range of affordable and customizable jewelry: rings, earrings necklaces and of course the classic diamond wedding band – so it’s a great online destination to shop around for investment pieces, or even just to design your dream ring to save on your wedding-inspired Pinterest board ;)

This piece from was simply designed with my name on it. I’ve always wanted a personalized monogram bracelet or necklace like this, so I was so excited to have the opportunity to design a piece of my very own! MMN has tons of options for personalizing jewelry with your initials, name, sorority letters… you name it. They’re currently running a buy 2, get 1 free deal on colored monogram pieces… so this might be the perfect time to get a headstart on holiday shopping!


 today on | @alexanderwangny & @zara_worldwide
  am i right or am i right? ⛽️ #snapchat
 currently on✨ | this little @reformation number
 10.19☀️ #sundayfunday #atlanta
 just juicin' @rootsjuices

Ivory Mini Knit

reformation hazel dress cameron







Reformation Hazel dress | c/o Skechers boots | EXPRESS ring | Aldo clutch

Bipolar weather calls for a somewhat bipolar outfit: legs out, while still up to my neck in fabric. Shoutout to Reformation for yet another fantastic wardrobe addition… seriously though, where has this little number  been all my life?

Shop turtlenecked minis below:

Shot by Udee B.


 today on | @alexanderwangny & @zara_worldwide
  am i right or am i right? ⛽️ #snapchat
 currently on✨ | this little @reformation number
 10.19☀️ #sundayfunday #atlanta
 just juicin' @rootsjuices

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