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How I’m Prepping My Wardrobe for Fall


Even though we've still got a few weeks of Summer left, I'm already looking forward to Fall! Call me basic if you must, but there's just something about the advent of sweater weather that makes me so happy — even though I must admit that I'm a little freaked out too... I mean, where the hell has 2017 already gone? It's kind of crazy to see how quickly time has flown, but when I really start to look back on…

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Lash Extensions 101:
The Good, The Bad & The Ugly


Lash extensions have taken the beauty world by storm, and probably for good reason: a nice set of healthy-looking, long lashes can make all the difference, adding the perfect touch of whimsy touch to any makeup look. Even when you don't have your face done and/or you're fresh out of bed in the morning, your lash extensions will have you looking ready for the day with little to no effort at all.…

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How to Make New Friends & Find Your Girl Squad

Thanks to Bumble BFF, I'm beginning to make new friends and grow my personal network outside of my professional and blogging worlds... and it feels awesome to have a group of amazing ladies who I can step away from my working mindset with, to let my hair down, catch up on life and just have a bit of fun!…

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