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Affordable Summer Style



When it comes to summer style, we think of lighter, shorter and breathable silhouettes and pieces that will keep us cool through the hottest months of the year... while still staying stylish, of course. Sometimes it can be hard to justify making a huge splurge on summer items, just because of how much you're getting for what you spend... compared to a heavier winter jacket, for example. This where the Target x Who What Wear collection comes in…

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My Style

Chasing The Sun


Summer temperatures are hitting upwards of 90ºF these days, and that means I have to get a super early start to my day to avoid melting under the midday sun. On the plus side, I’m very much a morning person so being up and ready to go by 7:00AM is okay by me – plus, the earlier I can knock out my weekend errands, the more time I downtime I have for myself throughout the rest of the day. And of course on…

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Mango Yogurt Popsicles

Mango Lassi Yogurt Popsicles | MILLENNIELLE

Back in the kitchen again today to share the perfect summer treat with you guys — mangoes are my absolute favorite fruit, so whenever it’s summertime and they’re back in season, I always seem to find a way to incorporate them into everything! I’ve been wanting to try homemade popsicles for a while, and let me tell you guys — these are totally worth it, and a great way to swap out your ice cream cravings for something that’s a…

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