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Millennielle 2.0


Welcome to the new! Sorry it’s been so quiet on my end, I’ve been reworking my site design over the past few weeks, but everything FINALLY came together Friday night, and I’m so excited to see how it all turned out and share it with all of you!

There are a few new, neat little features on my site that I’ll probably roll out to you guys one at a time, instead of piling them all on at once… but for now, I’ve started a Facebook page… which is kind of a big deal for a not-so-avid Facebooker like myself. Make sure you head over and give my page a like; I’ll do my best to keep it updated as often as I do my other social media channels :)

Let me know what you guys think of the new site layout, and if you have any suggestions, be sure to leave them in the comments below! A million thanks to Stephen Haislip who made my vision a reality, he was great to work with, and definitely made the big move from Blogspot to WordPress a LOT less of a daunting headache for me. If you’re looking to work with a graphic designer anytime soon, be sure to check him out!

Anyway, I guess now that everything’s up and running, it’s officially back to business for me now… Happy Saturday!!!

{image via GetThePartyStarted | Etsy}

Tartan Tuesday

IMG_0492 IMG_0578 IMG_0400 IMG_0284
TopShop shirt | TopShop shorts | Stuart Weitzman wedges

What else can be said, besides the obvious fact that oversized shirts are everything? I feel like I could wear this shirt to bed, wake up the next morning and throw on a pair of pants to start my day. Okay, so I didn’t actually do that, but I’m just saying that if I ever have a rough day, I’m definitely prepared for it. And can we talk about these wedges for a moment? I’ve never, ever felt so comfortable in a pair of heeled shoes in my entire life. Best summer investment ever.






American Apparel leotard | J Crew hat | custom-made skirt | EXPRESS and H&M jewelry

So, I’m not gonna lie, this skirt is one I stole from my sister’s wardrobe. She got it custom-made for herself while she was in Nigeria a few years ago, and it’s made of a gorgeous ankara fabric with a cerulean color palette that pretty much goes with anything. I love the mix of the African print on a modern maxi skirt silhouette, so naturally, the only solution to my covetousness was to take this piece out for a spin myself. The verdict’s in: I’m officially on the market for a custom-made skirt of my very own.

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