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Hi coco, just wanted to say that am very inspired by you blog. i have one of my own and i hope to be as big as you some day. if you don’t mind would love for you to be my mentor. *fingers crossed and face covered* from amarachi 11. October 2016

Aww thank you SO MUCH for the kind words  Of course I’m always available to answer questions whenever you have them, that’s why I have this page all set up for readers just like you! If you have more personal questions though, you can always shoot me an email for a direct response. xx

Looking at your Matcha Green Tea Pannacotta – please, how much gelatine is in a packet?? I do not live in the US so I don’t have a clue how much is in one of your packets. Great recipe! from Judith 11. October 2016

For my Panna Cotta recipe, one packet measures out to 2½ teaspoons of gelatine powder 

Hi coco, just wanted to say that i love your blog! the pictures are all so pretty, any tips for photography? 5. October 2016

Hi there, thank you so much! As far as photography goes, it’s all very much been a trial & error process for me over the years  One of the biggest tips I have is that you should really take some time to get to know your city — it’ll help when you’re looking for cool locations to shoot, the location is almost as important as the outfit!

I love your style with the aritzia adrienne pant, very sleek. I don’t have a chance to try it on as there is no store in the nearby. I noticed the model wear size 4 (the aritzia model mostly wear size 2, or the 2nd or 3rd smallest size) , may I know if this pant need a size up? Thank you so much! 5. September 2016

No need to size up on the Aritzia Adrienne – they’re super stretchy, so your regular size will work just fine!

Just discovered your blog and I think you’ve done a wonderful job putting it together. I can see the love and effort you put into it! When you were starting off, was it difficult to afford more luxury items like designer bags or interesting designer pieces? Or was there pressure to buy those kinds of items? I know that with super successful bloggers they are often sent things. 25. August 2016

thanks so much!

the items i buy and wear are things i buy and wear because i like them and can afford them — not because  i feel pressured to go into debt just to keep up, that’s not a sustainable way to live at all! the nice thing about investment pieces is that they’re high quality and last a long time… so if you’re looking for ways to save, vintage shops and reseller sites like Tradesy and Vestaire Co. are great ways to find pre-loved fashion pieces at more budget-friendly prices.

all items i have gifted to me by brands are marked “c/o” on my blog posts :)

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