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I’m guessing you worked with a web designer & developer, or did you do it yourself? but Thank you! You’re Amazing by the way. 5. February 2016

mostly designer/developer help, and some of it done on my own :) i’m a bit of a undercover coding nerd, so i love getting into web design!

Any tips for balancing a full-time job with blogging? 3. February 2016

will let you know as soon as i figure that out myself LOL 

haha, re reading I can understand why you’d be confused. Rephrasing: With wordpress, you can create your own website by paying a fee annually. How did you first create your website? 3. February 2016

the easiest way to build a wordpress site is to either work with a web designer & developer… or purchase a pre-made wordpress theme, so all the work’s already done for you!

Just like, what did you go through to create your website? 2. February 2016

umm, i worked on it? …i dunno, this is an oddly unspecific question

what camera settings do u use or recommend to take such clear photos? 1. February 2016

totally depends on outdoor lighting conditions! I use a 50mm lens, set the aperture to f/2 or f/1.2, use a pretty fast shutter speed (1/200 or so), and play around with the ISO til everything looks clear. hope that makes sense, photography is pretty much all about trial and error

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