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Great PR work, you are Fabulous, keep up the good work. 5. April 2015

thank you!

Hi Coco, Do you work with an agency? 1. February 2015

hi there! some of my projects are through agency collabs, but for the most part i’ve worked in direct contact with brands

how tall are you? 12. December 2014

5’9″ / 175cm — which would explain why finding adequately-inseamed pants is one of my biggest life struggles

hi coco i love your blog!!! do you do it full time? if not, whats your job ? 2. November 2014

thank you so much :-) i’m not a full time blogger, i currently do marketing communications in the financial services industry

who takes your pictures? 23. October 2014

Mostly my sister! I’ve worked with other family members, friends and professionals on occasion as well…

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