About Coco

Digital Influencer, Marketing Professional, World Traveler, Millennial.

Hi there! My name is Coco Bassey, and I’m a 20-something Nigerian native, who spends most of my days working in the corporate marketing world, and my nights and weekends working on this little project of mine that you’re reading right now! Millennielle is my creative outlet and as you can see, my interests are an assorted combination of fashion, travel, DIY projects, music and homemaking. I currently use the beautiful city of ATL as my backdrop to showcase my personal take on Atlanta fashion, personal style and daily living.

I grew up in Canada, Czech Republic, Nigeria, Germany and the USA (in that order), and my dream is to continue exploring the world any way that I can! I’ll be continuing to unfold the shareable parts my life through this website, but if you have any other specific questions about me, my blog, and/or the work I do, hop over to my “Ask Coco” page or my contact page to get in touch!

Millennielle is a top Atlanta fashion blog,
redefining the millennial experience one outfit at a time.

The internet is rampant with articles about Generation Y, or “millennials” as we are more often referred to as — what we like, how we live, what we do, how we love… some of it is great and spot-on, but to be honest, MOST of what’s out there is pretty bleak! We’re told there are no jobs, we feel too entitled and expect too much out of life, the world is coming to an end, we’re becoming over-saturated by mindless media, and the list goes on and on…

Despite some of these realities, I strongly believe that finding happiness in life is a personal decision we all have to make. After a lot of back and forth in terms of the creative direction I wanted to go in, I finally bit the bullet and created this visual diary to share my interests and the happy bits of my life covering: personal style, DIY projects, travel and other inspirations. My blog is always evolving, and my ultimate hope is to do my part shedding some positive light on what it means to be a millennial woman in today’s world. I also love to be inspired by my readers, so don’t be scared to drop a line or leave a comment under any of my blog entries to let me know how I’m doing so far!

Thank you so much for reading! xx