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Hi Coco! What do you do for a living? 20. March 2018

I blog :) and I also work a full-time marketing job in the software industry. I shared a post a while back about balancing my blog with my full-time job.

Hello Ms. Millennielle- I love your style and website. My question is…where did you purchase your Cartier Love Bracelet? from Robin 22. October 2017

thank you  mine was a gift, but you can find them online, and/or in-store! x

Hi! I’m a photographer possibly looking to collab with bloggers in the near future. Would you say most bloggers that are already fairly established take their own images, or is there still a space where bloggers are in need of professional photographers to take their images? 10. January 2017

most bloggers i know do work with professional photogs regularly — for me personally, whenever i’m traveling to a new city i’m always on the lookout for local photographer to work with!! as long as you have a good understanding of your clients’ creative vision, i think you can find new blogger to partner with pretty easily :) good luck! x

Hello. Nice to meet you. I like your blog and more interestingly i am drawn by the fact that you work besides blogging. Would you like to know how do you get to keep up and maintain your blogging in addition to working. from Faith 1. January 2017

Thank you! I find that keeping and maintaining and editorial calendar is the best way to stay on top of things to make sure I’m posting on a regular basis — blogging while working full-time is definitely not easy, but it’s worth it when you love what you do!

happy new year 1. January 2017

happy new year love! ✨

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