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Just discovered your blog and I think you’ve done a wonderful job putting it together. I can see the love and effort you put into it! When you were starting off, was it difficult to afford more luxury items like designer bags or interesting designer pieces? Or was there pressure to buy those kinds of items? I know that with super successful bloggers they are often sent things. 25. August 2016

thanks so much!

the items i buy and wear are things i buy and wear because i like them and can afford them — not because  i feel pressured to go into debt just to keep up, that’s not a sustainable way to live at all! the nice thing about investment pieces is that they’re high quality and last a long time… so if you’re looking for ways to save, vintage shops and reseller sites like Tradesy and Vestaire Co. are great ways to find pre-loved fashion pieces at more budget-friendly prices.

all items i have gifted to me by brands are marked “c/o” on my blog posts :)

hey coco! I really enjoy to read your blog. i love your style and the way you capture your pics. I’m thinking of starting up my own blog ..what tips/advise could you give to a beginner please?! 18. July 2016

hey love, thanks so much for reading! i think any blogger will tell you that if you’re looking to start a blog, there’s no better time than now! everyone has their own story to tell, so if you feel inclined to share yours, you absolutely should :)

Hi COCO! I’m the owner of Me & The Girls Alternative Skin Care Company. Is Lifestyle Collective still accepting products for consideration for the Summer Beauty Awards? We would love to submit our Bar Beleza. Take a look! 2. June 2016

Thanks for sharing! AOL is handling all submissions for the 2016 Beauty Awards, so it’s be best to get in touch with them directly. x

wooow just saw you hosted the BR event in atlanta :) i saw that atlanticpacific and kattanita hosted it in NYC, and galmeetsglam hosted it in SF so that mustve been a major achievement for u congrats coco! 13. May 2016

YES it was sooo major, i’m still buzzin’ about it!!! thank you love

What were some of your fears when starting out on the blogging circuit and how did you overcome it? 10. May 2016

i started my blog in 2013, amidst several reports that the blogging world was over-saturated — it felt like i was trying to catch a train that already left the station!!! what i’ve since discovered though, is that if you can stay true to your creative vision, it’s never too late because each person has their own story to tell, and there will always be people who will connect with you.

another irrational fear of mine is that (believe it or not) i hate the spotlight and i’m not much of an oversharer — if you ask any of my friends, they’ll tell you i’m much more of a listener than a talker. i’ll probably never be that blogger who posts 10 instagram pictures a day, and i’ve never been one to force my blog on my family and friends… but again, that’s just me being myself and i think i’m OK with that  

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