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where is your bronze skirt from pls? 15. April 2016

topshop! the bronze one might be sold out already, but the skirt comes in a bunch of other cool metallics…

what camera do you use for photos? 13. April 2016

I recently upgraded to a Canon 6D and I love it!

Hi! I’m 14 and I’m thinking about blogging and starting a modeling career, do you have any tips?(: btw I love your blog! 3. April 2016

thank you! i’m not a model, so i’m probably a bad place to start looking for advice, but i’ll tell you exactly what my mom told me when i had the same aspirations at your age: education first!

hey coco, i am 18 and wondering how i can improve my style, on a student budget. 31. March 2016

Hi there, I LOVE this question because I can totally relate to what it was like for me when i was 18! You should definitely focus on wardrobe staples — anything that you know you’ll need to wear often, like jeans, sneakers, jackets, etc. I also think investing in non-fashion essentials is a great way to update your look without heading to the mall: a low-fuss but stylish haircut, a foundation that matches your skintone and mascara can make all the difference in your look! Some of my favorite stores to shop at while I was in high school and college were H&M, ZARA and ASOS — they usually have really big sales around Black Friday to help you save, and you might also wanna check out Nordstrom Rack for discounted designer duds when you’re feelin’ a little fancy ;) Hope this helps!

Hi, I’m so glad I discovered your blog today on blog lovin, I relate to you not liking vegetables as a kid. I really like your pictures and was wondering if you had any tips on posing or handling with your hands. For some reason I’m super self conscious when I’m in front of a camera hence why my Instagram is empty. I’m really glad to meet a Nigerian blogger. Hope you come to visit Lagos. 31. March 2016

Hey girl, thanks so much for reading :) Lagos is DEFINITELY on my list of places to go before the end of next year!  I know what you mean about not knowing what to do with your hands when you’re in front of the camera, i still feel that way sometimes!  try grabbing a purse, or having fun with your pockets to keep your hands busy — and definitely take as many photos per shoot as possible… trust me, for every good shot you see on my blog, there are like 10 super awkward ones that will never see the light of day 

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