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DYING to know what nude lippie u always wear plz!!!11 25. May 2015

NARS semi matte in “Pigalle”  is the perfect every day color

hi coco im coming to atl in a couple weeks for work – any tips on dining or fun evening activities? 1. May 2015

Hey there, welcome to ATL! Everything (food, shopping, etc.) at Westside Provisions is my favorite — i’m in that part of town at LEAST once every week, and you can’t go wrong with any of the dining options you choose.  The Virginia Highlands is another one of my favorite parts of town too!

You are so beautiful!! What do you use on your gorgeous skin (mainly face) to maintain such a great and clear complexion?? 27. April 2015

aww thank you! it’s basically a mix of drinking lots of water, using coconut oil as my “night cream”, finding a foundation that matches my NATURAL skin tone, and good genetics (thanks mom!). i’ll definitely try to do a full post on this sometime soon!

Hi Coco! i’m looking for a pair of “investment” heels that’ll still go with everything. suggestions? 19. April 2015

ooh yes, this is a fun one ! OK, if you’re looking for heeled sandals, idk a pair that’ll look better on you than Stuart Weitzman Nudists — for pumps, create and wear your very own personalized Manolo Blahniks of course! enjoy your new shoes :)

i love your short hair suit you best! what kinda weave is that? 18. April 2015

lol thank you! i’ll be honest — i did the haircut myself at home! still kinda shocked about how well it turned out haha. my extensions are always from sunny’s.

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