4 Things You Need to Rock the Western-Inspired Trend

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If there’s one thing that looks good on everyone, it’s the perfect boho dress paired with Western-inpsired pieces and accessories. Once a look relegated to the 70’s (or a very cliché Coachella outfit), today you can make this look work for every day wear!


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Earlier this year, every major couture house was all about styling the Western-inspired fashion trend for Fall. From the iconic cowboy boot, to leather tassels and bolo ties — fashion was headed to the wild, wild west. While these looks obviously look amazing on the runway, we all know that we need to take the trends down a notch or two to make them easier for every day wear.

If the idea of chaps and excessive plaid aren’t for you (I mean, who am I to judge… Halloween IS right around the corner), here are 4 things you need to add to your wardrobe stat to re-create a Western-inspired look that you can actually wear without getting crazy stares in public, and getting lots of “where did you get that?” questions instead!

  1. An easy, breezy boho dress — There’s no such thing as a bad excuse to pick up a beautiful dress; my favorite dresses are always these breezy silhouettes that can be worn on their own, or with a chic leather jacket thrown over them for an edgier vibe.   
  2. Western-inspired cowboy boots — You don’t need to go all out with a real cowboy boot! This season, there are so many boot styles at different prices points that have Western-inspired elements without going too far overboard. 
  3. A slouchy bag — This trend isn’t one for structure. Pick up your favorite slouchy bag as the perfect accessory to complete the look!
  4. Your favorite rancher hat — Totally optional, but in the right situation, you can never say no to a hat and it’s a great way to top things off!

What do you guys think about the Western-inspired trend and how are you rocking it this season? Leave a comment below with a link to your blog and/or Instagram — I’d love to check it out!

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