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Making new girl friends with Bumble BFF | MILLENNIELLE Fashion Blog

This summer marks my FIFTH anniversary of living in Atlanta, and even though that feels like such a long time, it’s really flown by so quickly! Between my professional job and blogging, I spend a lot of my time indoors, buried in my laptop… but this year, I decided to make a conscious decision to give myself a breather, step outside of my comfort zone and meet new people to start exploring the beautiful city that I’m so lucky to live in.

"Meet new people"... sounds super simple, right?

Unfortunately though, it’s really not that easy! In our late 20s and early 30s, we no longer have the insulated environment and excessive free time that high school and college once offered, meaning that making time for friends becomes as clinical as scheduling your next doctor’s appointment — i.e. if it’s not in your Google calendar, it’s just not gonna happen. Throw in a couple babies here and there, traveling and moving for work, planning weddings and more… suddenly, being an adult starts to feel really lonely. How do you find people who you can really click with and call your friends, especially when you move to a new city?

The struggle of meeting new people and expanding my social circle was one of the biggest reasons why, even though I’ve lived in Atlanta for five years, I still felt like such a newbie in my own city… but thanks to Bumble BFF, one of my favorite smartphone apps that I discovered and started using earlier this year, I’m beginning to make new friends and grow my personal network outside of my professional and blogging worlds… and it feels awesome to have a group of amazing ladies who I can step away from my working mindset with, to let my hair down, catch up on life and just have a bit of fun!

Bumble BFF Review | MILLENNIELLE Fashion Blog
Find Your Girl Squad with Bumble BFF | MILLENNIELLE Fashion Blog
Girls Night with Bumble BFF at Gypsy Kitchen, Atlanta | MILLENNIELLE Fashion Blog

If you’re already familiar with the popular dating apps that everyone’s using these days, then getting into Bumble BFF is a breeze! All you need to do is download the app, update your settings to connect with other ladies in your local area who are looking for BFFs too, and start swiping away! The best part about it is that ANYONE can use it, whether you’re single or married… just make sure your significant other knows why you have the Bumble app on your phone, or else there may be lots questions that you’ll have to answer to 

I met Amy and Stephanie earlier this summer through another one of my Bumble BFF friends (who unfortunately couldn’t make it to our Gypsy Kitchen dinner party – hi Milla!); we hit it off almost immediately, and they are seriously some of the sweetest ladies that I could have ever asked for! They are gorgeous, super smart and absolute rockstars at their jobs… really amazing, positive influences that I feel really lucky to have in my life right now. 

Even though I’ve made lots of amazing friends throughout my life, I’m always excited to meet new people my my own city, and now thanks to Bumble BFF, I have my ATL girl squad that REALLY makes me feel at home 

How to make friends after college with Bumble BFF | MILLENNIELLE Fashion Blog
How to use Bumble app to find new friends | MILLENNIELLE Fashion & Lifestyle Blog
Making new friends in Atlanta with Bumble BFF | MILLENNIELLE Fashion & Lifestyle Blog

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