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    What’s In My Bag?

    You all know the drill already, so let’s get right into it: What’s in my bag? Here we go… The Basics — keys, wallet, phone, charger… obviously, like any other person, I can never…

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      I don’t work from home very often, but I took a day off my daily commute yesterday because my car was in need of some major repairs (I’m now $600…

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    Luggage Tag & Passport Cover | Fashion Book Set | Nike ‘Roshe’ Sneakers | Laptop Skin Even though we’re well into the first month of the year, I believe it’s never too…

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    Sharing a couple of my recent Instagram snippets from the past few days: 1) JEZEBEL Magazine: As promised, here’s my little feature the December issue of JEZEBEL magazine! Crazy, right? You can…