The Style Insider's Guide to Layering Jewelry Like a Pro

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I’m a simple girl: I see shiny things on Instagram, I double-tap. That’s exactly what sent me down the rabbit hole of fashion’s layered jewelry trend, and now I’m obsessed! I shared some of my favorite places to find affordable gold jewelry, but if you’re also looking for tips on how to layer them, read on!

layered gold necklaces

There’s no particular rhyme or reason when it comes to layering necklaces… but if you want somewhere to start, try pairing a chain choker with with a longer pendant necklace like I did. Another really fun necklace combination I like is coin necklaces of varying lengths for an easy, boho vibe. If you wanna do more, just make sure you’re playing with different lengths, textures and thicknesses, and you’ll definitely end up with a selfie-worthy layered necklace look!


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curated ear party

I’ve wanted more ear piercings for a minute now, and it was just recently that I stumbled across the wonder that is Maria Tash’s Instagram feedhello, curated ear inspo! If you’ve ever been considering adding a piercing or two to create some bejeweled art on your curated ear, then Maria Tash is the place to do it! I added two piercings to my left ear over the summer, at the NYC Maria Tash location, and they have a wonderful selection of earrings and piercing style consultants that will create a look that’s totally customized to your style and budget. I’m also pleasantly happy to report that the piercings definitely did not hurt as much as I thought they would!

stacks on stacks of rings

I’ve always loved the look of stacked rings, and it’s such a fun way to dress up any look. My current assortment of rings comes from Local Eclectic, and I especially love that they sell some of their rings in sets, making them even easier to stack! Check out the birthstone ring (different colors for every month!) and the aquamarine + diamond stacking ring set for starters. I have both and LOVE them!

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