Prepping for Fashion Month


These past few days have been a lot more hectic than I wish they were… I’m in the middle of Fashion Month planning (leaving for NYC next week, and still have zero outfits finalized, yikes!), work is picking up, and I don’t know if it’s something about Mercury being in retrograde — I swear I’m usually not into that kinda stuff, but after one of my friends told me all about the weird things that happen around this time of the year, I feel like some of the craziest things have been happening! My car battery died on Friday, my AC crapped out on me, I left my keys in the backseat of my Uber on Saturday…  clearly I could NOT be more ready for a vacation!!!

… but instead, I’ll be spending the next couple of weeks traveling for work, because apparently that’s just what my crazy self would rather do. So what am I doing to hopefully keep things together for the next couple days? I started with a list, and have been crossing things off it — I’m a visual person, and seeing my tasks getting crossed off one by one has definitely helped.

By the way, I’m actually going to be challenging myself to start creating video content next month, as I’m traveling!!! What do you guys wanna see? Leave a comment below, stay tuned… and in the meantime, if you feel so inclined, you can subscribe to my YouTube channel to be the first one to see when my video drops!

Oscar de la Renta Pink Label™ pajama shirt (less than $30!) // GRLFRND jeans
Chloé “Nile” Minaudière bag // The Fix slides ℅ Amazon Fashion


shot by Udee B.

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