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Can I trust Italist? — Italist Shopping Review | Navy Blue & Gold Golden Goose Sneakers | MILLENNIELLE Lifestyle & Fashion Blog


As much as it may look otherwise, shopping luxury pieces is definitely not an every day occurrence for me. Trust me when I say that every high-end bag or pair of fancy shoes that comes into my wardrobe goes through months and weeks of scrutiny — after all, dropping some serious $$$ in ANY situation isn’t something that should be done on a whim! Unless you have Beyoncé money… at which point, hi there, can we be best friends?

It used to be that getting the best that shopping has to offer meant hopping in your car to the closest department store… or sometimes even getting on a plane to shop straight from the source! A travel adventure I would never turn down, no doubt, but not always the most sensible of endeavors to embark upon. Italist is my latest online e-commerce discovery, and with a mission statement of being the first online marketplace fully dedicated to Italian luxury multi-brand retailers, I knew that it was the perfect place to shop for my new Golden Goose sneakers. I’ve been going back and forth on getting a pair for myself for over a year, so I was super excited about this partnership to share my seamless shopping experience on!

Thanks to the internet, the best of the fashion world is no longer reserved for the unlimited-credit-card-holding globetrotter… with Italist, now I can get the best of Italian luxury right in the comfort of my own home! Read my Italist review to find out some of the other pieces that I currently have my eye on:

5 Items on my Italist Wishlist

  1. True story: I am a fashion blogger who does not own ONE pair of simple pumps — I just realized this the other day, and it’s so weird! If I were pick a pair right now, they’d be these rich suede Jimmy Choo pumps that are perfect for Fall
  2. I’m going somewhere SUPER fun in December (more on that soon!)… but let’s just say that where I’m headed, a super warm parka will definitely come in handy
  3. Speaking of cold weather dressing, this Acne Studios beanie is high on my wish list! I saw it on Negin the other day, and now I want one too #InfluencerEffect 
  4. Tassel earrings are big this season, and these ones from DSquared are 40% off! I’m obsessed with the rich, red color 
  5. I’ve been on the hunt for a nice brown bag for the longest time, and I’ve finally narrowed it down to the J. W. Anderson Pierce bag and the Loewe Hammock bag… help me decide! Which one do you like better?

If you’re wanting to find out more about a shopping experience at Italist, free to check out more the reviews available HERE. Happy shopping!

Navy Blue & Gold Golden Goose Sneakers from | MILLENNIELLE Lifestyle & Fashion Blog
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Italist Shopping Review | Golden Goose Velvet Sneakers - Navy Blue & Gold | MILLENNIELLE Lifestyle & Fashion Blog

Free People sweater // Levi’s shorts // Brixton hat
Golden Goose sneakers ℅ Italist // Larsson & Jennings watch

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Golden Goose Sneakers from | MILLENNIELLE Lifestyle & Fashion Blog
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