Your Wardrobe’s Newest & Trendiest Neutral: Millennial Pink

Millennial Pink / Rose Gold Flatlay | MILLENNIELLE Fashion & Lifestyle Blog


Millennial Pink Shopping Guide | MILLENNIELLE Fashion & Lifestyle BlogPretty sure the last time pink was the “cool” color everyone wanted to get their hands on, we were in first grade art class, fighting over who got to use the pink crayon first (yes, this actually happened to me) — but these days, the color has taken on a whole new level of meaning and cultural significance… especially among our generation. So much so, they named it after us: millennial pink. The rosy hue is everywhere, on the packaging of your favorite makeup and beauty products, lining the walls of your favorite “Instagrammable” restaurants, and all over that lovely outfit you just saved on Pinterest.

So what’s the actual deal with millennial pink, and what are the best ways to incorporate everyone’s favorite color into your day to day? This shopping guide takes you through some of my favorite millennial pink products and fashion pieces, available to shop now, and keep your eyes peeled because you may see a couple of them as I head to NYC for Fashion Week next month!


Stitch Fix silk blouse // Ray Ban sunglasses // Urban Decay “Naked Heat” eyeshadow palette // Dior “Miss Dior” eau de parfum
Dose of Colors lipstick // Dior lip gloss // Glossıer balm dot com // Gucci loafers

Millennial Pink / Rose Gold Flatlay | MILLENNIELLE Fashion & Lifestyle Blog


Luckily, when it comes to makeup, pink is everyone’s favorite hue! I know that deeper reds tend to make a comeback in the Fall and Winter, but this season a beautiful nude hits the color trend mark just perfectly. I’m never not wearing light pink nail polishes too, because it really is such a great neutral that goes with everything.


Rose scents are always among my favorite fragrances whenever I’m browsing the department store beauty counter, and these bottles are the perfect millennial pink accent to your collection! It definitely helps that they smell just as gorgeous as they look too.


For a touch of femininity on any outfit these millennial pink tops and blouses are the perfect way to do it right! If you’re not super into the uber-feminine look, you can pair any other of these with your favorite pair of distressed jeans to get the look that screams street-chic!


I’m definitely obsessed with this collection of bottoms! Pairing any of them with a clean, white blouse or tee makes such a subtle statement, for a daytime look that will look absolutely stunning… even in the workplace. To put a night-time spin, swap out the white top for black and add a subtle smokey eye. voilà!

Millennial Pink / Rose Gold Flatlay | MILLENNIELLE Fashion & Lifestyle Blog
Millennial Pink / Rose Gold Flatlay | MILLENNIELLE Fashion & Lifestyle Blog


If the idea of wearing pink doesn’t quite sit well with you (…yet! But it’ll definitely grow on you, I promise!) you can play a touch of millennial pink into your accessories! Some of my favorite clutches and bags this season come in the trendy hue, and I have a couple of these on my wishlist already.


Millennial pink down to the soles of your feet! I generally like to keep my shoes in neutral shades (black, white and the occasional brown), but the color of the season is JUST muted enough to work as a neutral too! This selection of rosy-toned shoes will do all the talking when you add them to your favorite outfit.

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