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How to Save Money & Be a Savvy Shopper

Being fashion-forward doesn’t mean that you need to go broke — in my opinion, being a savvy shopper is always in style! By honing in on your personal style preferences, and realistically staying in tune with the budget that you’re working with, I definitely believe that anybody’s signature style can be recreated on any budget!

Whether price is the biggest factor in your purchase decisions, or long-lasting quality, there are so many great ways to save money when you are building out your wardrobe. Today I’m sharing the 3 secrets that I swear by when I’m browsing shopping websites online or heading to the mall to find new things to wear!

1. Know when to Spend, Know when to Save

It can be super tempting to hop on the latest fad as soon as it starts rolling down your Instagram feed, but when it comes to fashion trends (especially the ones with a hefty price tag), it’s always better to hit the pause button before you hop on the train! I remember some years back, I used to want my very own Chanel Boy bag more than anything else… but I couldn’t get one for some very obvious reasons **cough, $5,000 price tag,cough**. Fast-forward a couple years down the road, I don’t even look at those bags twice when I walk by them the Neiman Marcus Chanel boutique anymore… and my wallet’s definitely better for it 

Knowing when to spend and save also runs true when you’re purchasing year-round staples versus seasonal trends. I think putting money into your suits, coats and work-wear is much better than buying an expensive dress for your next girls’ night out — the dress is fabulous, no doubt, but you’re probably only going to wear once and never again!

2. Do Your Research

Ever gone shopping for a very specific item and used your smartphone to price-shop, or look for nearby locations that have exactly what you’re looking for to save you time from driving all over town? Internet-free shopping is definitely a thing of the past these days, and with so much information out there, your favorite retailers are definitely catching on! Most stores will offer price-matches if you show them a competitor who’s offering lower prices — these days I never purchase anything online without googling available promo codes, or comparing prices with other retailers to see where I can get the best deals.

One of my favorite places to look for sales and compare prices is It’s kind of been my secret for a while, and today I’m sharing it with you! I know you guys have probably seen every blogger and their mother raving about the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale that’s going on right now, but thanks to Fashion Lane I got a pair of Stuart Weitzman boots for a much cheaper price than even Nordstrom had to offer! Do your shopping research guys, it’s well worth the extra time!

3. Sign up for E-newsletters

E-newsletters can be super annoying when they clog up your inbox — I know. Every week, it feels like I’m unsubscribing from some e-mail list that I never opted into in the first place… but when you sign up for digital communications the right way, you’ll actually start looking forward to opening your inbox instead of sending every e-mail straight to the trash.

Lots of my favorite e-stores offer 10 or 15% off when you sign up for their newsletters — a great way to save on your next purchase! Other e-stores can (somewhat creepily) track the items you’ve been shopping around for, and they’ll send you e-alerts as soon as the item you’ve been eyeing goes on sale or becomes available — that was how I nabbed this super cute lace cami from Anine Bing that’s on its way to me as we speak!

What are your favorite savvy shopping tips?

ZARA blazer (similar) // UO t-shirt // Chloé bag // Levi’s shorts // Dior shoes

shot by Aspen Cierra

This post was created in collaboration with Fashion Lane; all views are my own.
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