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Gucci Lady Web Small Bag + Trench Coat + NYDJ Modern Edit Jeans | MILLENNIELLEWhite Shirt + Spring Trench Coat | MILLENNIELLESaint Laurent Star Print Sneakers | MILLENNIELLENYDJ Modern Edit Denim Jeans | MILLENNIELLECoco Bassey of Millennielle wearing NYDJ | MILLENNIELLENYDJ Lace Up White Shirt | MILLENNIELLENYDJ White Shirt Collection + Modern Edit Jeans | MILLENNIELLEBeige Trench Coat with Saint Laurent Sneakers | MILLENNIELLETopshop Relaxed Trench Coat | MILLENNIELLENYDJ Modern Edit Jeans | MILLENNIELLE

If you glance through any fashion editor’s list of wardrobe essentials, there’s a 99.9% guarantee that the list will include a great pair of skinny jeans and a crisp white shirt as a must-have for every woman’s wardrobe. I mean, they happen to be among the most versatile items of clothes that can be customized and styled to fit every girl’s personal style, so I couldn’t agree more.

Searching for the perfect place to find both of them at once? Look no further than specialty denim retailer, NYDJ. The latest Modern Edit denim collection is an updated take on NYDJ’s signature lean, slimming fit that looks great on anyone. Modern Edit features an all-new cut with a true mid-rise and a more narrow shape, and wearing the jeans with my favorite piece from the White Shirt collection of tops that were created to pair perfectly with denim, makes my very own #NYDJPerfectPair. An iconic, classic look like this can be easily topped off with neutral accessories of your choosing; there’s no way you can go wrong with this everyday look! The weather’s already hitting the 70s down here in Atlanta, so I’m super excited to start trading in my winter coats for a lighter Spring trench for a great casual look when I’m on the go… which is basically always!

Discover NYDJ’s Modern Edit denim collection HERE — happy shopping! x

NYDJ modern edit jeans | ℅ NYDJ shirt | sneakers | trench coat | hat

shot by Udee B.

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