Midnight Romance

Ralph Lauren Midnight Romance Eau de Parfum | MILLENNIELLE Ralph Lauren Midnight Romance | MILLENNIELLE

A Re-Imagined Love Story

Take a moment to think about your favorite classic love story or film… I know you know exactly what I’m talking about: girl meet boy, they fall in love and beat all odds to eventually live happily ever after together.

Now let’s dig a little deeper to examine the heroine of the story — who is she? A powerful woman who albeit not perfect, knows her worth and exudes the type of inner strength, beauty and confidence that leaves you wishing you could spend a day in her shoes. Maybe she has the passion and career you’ve always dreamed of, or the humor and intelligence to capture the attention of the room, or a killer wardrobe with a head-turning look for any occasion. Perhaps she even has all of the above, that lucky b*tch.

But the biggest thing about her that stands out to you most? Before she loves anyone, she loves herself.

What if you could bottle up the essence of this woman, and carry it with you everywhere you? Ralph Lauren has done just that with its Midnight Romance fragrance collection.

Ralph Lauren Romance Perfume Collection | MILLENNIELLE
Midnight Romance Perfume by Ralph Lauren | MILLENNIELLE Ralph Lauren Perfume Review | MILLENNIELLE

My latest obsession is spritzing a hint of Ralph Lauren’s Midnight Romance scent right before I walk out the door every morning for that extra boost of confidence that I need from the beginning of my day at work all the way through after-hours dinner, drinks and events. The light, floral overtones of the fragrances are undercut with woodsy hints of black vanilla to make for the perfect scent that works both day and night, and adds a certain je ne sais quoi to your aura.

This season, when you spoil yourself with a full-sized bottle of Ralph Lauren Midnight Romance, you will also receive a cosmetics bag and travel-sized gifts right along with your purchase. Go ahead and wrap yourself in the scent of romance this fall… you deserve it 

wearing: black silk robe | pink floral chemise

This post was created in collaboration with Ralph Lauren; all views are my own.
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shot by Jen Kay

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