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Réalisation Par Dream Girl

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I don’t wear red very often, but I’m an absolute sucker for the perfect little red dress. Something about the color and silhouettes  of the red dresses that I gravitate towards give me an extra boost of confidence that I reserve only for the most special of occasions. Today’s dress comes from a brand that I recently discovered, and have absolutely fallen in love with ever since — Realisation Par. With the flirtiest little dresses and tops that are wearable year-round and work with just about every accessory in your wardrobe, this collection is made for the girl who wants to push boundaries an inch or two… you thought a deep-V and short hemline don’t work together? Think again.

Oh, and did I mention that this dress has a star print? When something’s made for you, you just know.

Réalisation Par dress | Free People boots | Gucci bag

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shot by Udee B.

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