Checking In Before The Weekend


Tomorrow’s already Friday again, and I just wanted to check in before we head into the weekend — this week totally flew right by, and I know I need to get back on updating my editorial calendar when I start forgetting to put up a blog post as regularly as I’d know I need to I’ll do better, I promise! It’s especially tough at this time of the year, because I’m still in the middle of closing my 2017 books and getting everything over to my accountant to get my taxes filed… fun stuff. Some more fun things that I’ve been working on behind the scenes though: I spent last weekend shooting content to FINALLY go live with video on my YouTube channel, and I’m working with a web design agency to give a face-lift that’s slated to go live in April! I’m super excited to share both with you all soon, soon, soon!

For today’s look, I’m wearing a bunch of pieces that I recently added to my wardrobe: this super soft sweater that’s in a much brighter color than I usually go for… but I still really love it… another pair of straight-leg jeans from REVOLVE and this amazing hat that I can’t wait to take with me to Coachella in April (too early to start outfit planning?) 

Happy almost-Friday!

H & M knit sweater // GRLFRND DENIM jeans // CHANEL slingbacks ($60 dupe)
LOÉ alphabet necklace // DIOR woven bracelets


shot by Vivi Carrasco

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