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I Found the Designer Bag I’ve Always Wanted on StockX

Find Designer Handbags Resale Online at StockX | MILLENNIELLE Lifestyle & Fashion Blog
StockX Review: Where to Buy Designer Bags Online | MILLENNIELLE Lifestyle & Fashion Blog

Quickly approaching 30, the last thing you would probably guess that I have on my wishlist is a backpack… but hear me out for a second, it’s Louis Vuitton! Having done the festival season circuit for the past couple years and taking on more travel projects for my blog and brand consulting work, I’ve been on a hunt for a stylish carry-all that works for me when I’m on the go. Actually scratch that, I knew I wanted this backpack but I couldn’t quite justify getting it with everything else that I have going on — especially over the busy holiday season!

Here’s where my latest partnership could not have come at a better time, and it’s one that I’m so excited to share with you today! StockX is the world’s first online “stock market” where you can buy and sell your authentic, pre-owned designer bags, because they never go out of style. Every single bag on their website is authenticated by experts which means you’ll never get a fake. You can choose to buy now, or place a bid on a listing to let the seller know you’re interested! The best part is just how much money you could save on an excellent-quality piece: I got my pre-owned Louis Vuitton Montsouris backpack for under $1,000… while it’s listed on the Louis Vuitton website for double the price! Plus, since these bags get redesigned every few years, my backpack is becoming somewhat of a limited edition collector’s item and increasingly hard to find.

I love my new Louis Vuitton backpack, and you guys are definitely going to be seeing lots of it in the future If you’re interested in getting one for yourself, sign up for an account at StockX and start exploring their inventory of over 10,000 pre-loved designer bags! You’ll get $50 off your first designer handbag purchase — how’s that for a headstart on holiday shopping?

StockX ℅ Louis Vuitton backpack // Rails silk shirt // Madewell jeans
ASOS trench
// Brixton hat // Gucci slides

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