Style Watch | Backpacks

The 90’s are catching up with us, guys, and I’m throwing it all the way back to grade school. Maybe it’s festival fever catching up with me, or perhaps it’s just the practicality of the whole thing, but I keep finding myself browsing online for backpacks lately. Usually I’m toting large one-shoulder bags to work and/or whenever I travel, but I feel like having one of these would make a great fashion statement… while giving my poor shoulders a much-needed break!
As the weather gets nicer, and I start enjoying the outdoors a little more, I think a rucksack is going to be my next accessories purchase. What do you think about this season’s backpack trend?
From top left: Topshop; Expressions NYC; Madewell; Marc By Marc Jacobs; Chanel; Tory Burch


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