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    Daytime Smokey Eye with Maybelline

    I'm not a makeup artist by any means, but one of the things I've learned along the way that's helped me to nail my eyeshadow looks is to be in tune…

  • Beauty

    Midnight Romance

    Passion burns brightest in the dark. Discover the indulgent fragrance of Ralph Lauren Midnight Romance, and experience a re-imagined love story... one in which you fall in love with yourself…

  • Beauty

    Lip Therapy On The Go

    It's common knowledge that the perfect bag can complete any outfit, but it's usually what's tucked away inside the bag that serves as the TRUE hero when it comes to being…

  • Delta Temp2O Review | MILLENNIELLE

    Water Temperatures For
    Skin & Hair Care

    Delta Temp2O‘s 6-Spray LED Digital Temperature Diplay Showerhead takes the guesswork out of your daily hygiene routine, with three instant color display indicators signaling temperature changes in your . Shop here and…