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The T-Shirt Trend Taking Over the Internet

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Logomania is back with a vengeance in 2017, and this time around, it’s nothing to cringe about. It used to be that wearing your favorite brand across your chest was seen as “tacky”… and then there was the short-lived era of the parody brand t-shirts (RIP Feline t-shirts!)… but now the classic, official logos have made their way back into stores and by proxy, into the wardrobes of your favorite street style stars — and they definitely look cool again.

My favorite thing about the latest logomania trend is that you don’t have to break the bank…. I mean, if a $1,000+ Dolce & Gabbana printed t-shirt is screaming your name, by all means, be my guest  but in my opinion, the nothing beats the nostalgic feeling of getting to wear your favorite logos from grade school again… there’s definitely a good reason you’re seeing that Champion logo everywhere these days. Shop the logo t-shirt trend below!

1. Levi’s

I swung by the new Levi’s stores at Avalon a few weeks ago, and picked up this t-shirt… I don’t think a week has since gone by where I haven’t pulled it out to take it for a spin! It’s comfortable and it’s a classic.


2. Tommy Hilfiger

The Tommy Hilfiger logo is another classic that bring back good memories… while I don’t have a t-shirt, I did pick up a cropped sweatshirt from last year’s re-edition collection and it’s still one of my favorites to wear in the Fall and Winter seasons. Thinking of bringing it with me when I head up to NYC in September!


3. Gucci

Thsi is probably not the first time you’re seeing this t-shirt on the internet. Even though I genuinely enjoy seeing all the different ways people style it, the price tag is probably not for the faint of heart… but I couldn’t possibly do a logo t-shirt round up without naming one of the most popular ones of the year so far!


4. Adidas

When you mix logomania with athleisure and millennial pink, this is what you get. I mean – do you need any other reason to NOT get this shirt? Hitting three of the most popular trends at once, this tee couldn’t be more on trend!


5. Dolce & Gabbana

Cute? Duh. Ridiculous price tag? It’s D&G, what did you think? But as much as I’d love to see myself wearing this tee with my red leather skirt… well, I’ll let you click through to see the price tag and be the judge


shot by: Anne Kim @ Laura Metzler Photography

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