5 Shoes You Need This Spring

Spend vs. Splurge: Top 5 Spring Shoe Trends | Embroidered Sneakers | Image by @onyimoss | MILLENNIELLE


Lets get some shoes! With Spring in full swing and Summer right around the corner, shoe styles are trending towards pedicure-friendly fits and open-toe season — which means that it’s time to start swapping out our booties and heavy duty footwear for sandals, sneakers and wedges that’ll take you from work to play… and hopefully, to the beach 

This year, shoes are getting all of the attention they deserve with fun details, silhouettes and materials that really stand out and speak for themselves… meaning that you can take it easy with the rest of your outfit and simply let your feet do the talking. I’ve put together the top 5 shoe trends of the season below with options that fit every budget, and the image is shoppable! Just hover over the shoes that you love, and click through to shop the latest in shoe trends.

Happy shopping!

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